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Kind Words

"Nutriangle simply put equates to 

  • high quality of ingredients

  • hygienically produced

  • great taste

  • nutritious 


Love it personally & also gifted to friends & clients. They all asked for more. Would highly recommend for regular consumption."

Umesh Chhazzed

Mumbai, India

"Trust me the moment you have one Nutriangle bar you are done. The best thing is that it is so damn healthy because it is flooded with nuts and honey and you don't have to eat anything else. It's like an energy booster for your tummy. Go and grab one and I am sure you will get back for more :-)

I work with many companies but till date have never ever seen such a swift customer who is just so easy to work with, without any hassles!"

Gopi Kalaria

Vadodara, India

Swiss Packaging Ltd. India

"Truly love Nutriangle’s products - wholesome yet delicious. These bites are great alternatives to satisfy all your sweet cravings. I appreciate the founder’s honest approach towards holistic health. All her products are a true reflection of her conscious efforts in creating awareness about clean eating."

Neha Pate Patil

Pune, India

Founder of ON. Organic & Natural

"I am generally very picky about my food. Being a Vegan and Jain, I have a few restrictions and to top it, I am worried  about the taste too.Rupali's recipes are a savior for me. They are not only easy and convenient but yummy and nutritious too. She has a knack of presenting  the same ingredients in  infinite new styles. If you happen to be hosted by her, then its a jackpot for you. Healthiest food with a lot of pampering. Good food for the mind, body & soul."

Shefali Challani

New Jersey, United States

"Nutriangle snacks are excellent in terms of taste, variety, low in calories and nutritional value.  Kids love it as well, and it's such a healthy and natural alternative to other processed snacks.  We have been customers for a long time now, and will surely keep coming back!"

Sandy Mehta

Pune, India

"​​As an ardent foodie taste has always been of utmost importance to me but over the past few years as I transform my eating habits into nutrient dense inputs- I’m constantly drawn to the utterly delicious and healthy treats from Nutriangle. Be it before my workout, along with my breakfast or just a snack- I’m constantly satiated- be it in terms of taste as well as nutrient quotient."

Mukesh Shah

Pune, India

"Nutriangle stands for quality health food. Having tried most of their products, my family can vouch for the benefits as well as the delicious taste. Every delicacy is packaged with utmost hygiene and aesthetics which also make for great gifts during festivals. They have something delicious and of course healthy for all age groups - The children, the senior family members and of course the hustling adults can enjoy their products on the go. Exceptional really!"

Shilpa Agarwal

Pune, India

"I’ve tried all types of bars made by Nutriangle. They are simply delicious and healthy. I consume them post workout & they fulfill my nutritional requirement..."

Harshad Karnawat

Ahmednagar, India

"We have been enjoying Nutriangle's delicious and healthy treats since it's inception. It's a perfect snack between meals and travels well! Also makes a great gift for friends and family."

Shachi Munot

Pune, India

"Nutriangle is the perfect snack for my family. It’s delicious, super healthy & builds our immunity which is much needed in this pandemic."

Namita Thapar

Pune, India

"Burst of flavors using simple ingredients. Great benefits for mindful eaters and health enthusiasts. Each bite is high in protein and fiber. With Nutriangle bars you can indulge yourself to new mindset and healthy lifestyle."

Shefali Shah

Connecticut, United States

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