Assorted Mix - Nutrition Ladoos


assorted pack of our 2 nutrition ladoos


Box of 12




Splendid Sattu
Sattu Powder, Almond Flour, Pure Ghee, Cardamom, Muscovado (khandasari sugar)


Peanut Power

Peanuts, Jaggery, Dry Ginger (soonth), Compound Dark Chocolate*

*Contains soy. May contain traces of milk solids

  • Splendid Sattu:
    High cooling factor, Nutrient dense, Promotes detoxification &hydration, Helps maintain blood pressure & cholesterol levels.

    Peanut Power:
    High protein content, Powerful source of vitamins, minerals &antioxidants, Contains anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties, Improves digestive health.

    Walnut Wonder:
    High antioxidant & fiber content, Powerful source of omega-3, Increases overall body strength, Natural healthy skin promoter, Supports brain development.

    *Research-based. Not clinically tested.



  • We source our ingredients as organically as possible and handcraft our products very carefully. We follow great hygiene standards and create food for our customers as they are our family. 

    Shipping all over India.

    Due to our lack of staff resulting from COVID, we require a lead time of 2 days to manufacture & pack. We want our products to reach our customers as fresh as possible. Please place your order accordingly.


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