Paneer Thepla

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Servings - 10-12 Theplas

Prep Time - 10 minutes

Cooking Time - 15 minutes

Measurements: 1 cup = 250 ml


1 - 1 ½  cups - Chopped Fenugreek (methi) Leaves (loosely packed)

1 cup - Grated Paneer / Cottage Cheese (tightly packed)

2 cups - Whole Wheat Flour*

½ cup - Chickpea Flour (besan)*

1 teaspoon - Turmeric Powder (haldi)

½ teaspoon - Jeera Powder (cumin)

1 teaspoon - Salt

¼ teaspoon - Asafoetida (hing)

1 teaspoon - Achaar Masala (k-pra achaar masala)

1 tablespoon - Sesame Seeds

3 teaspoon - Oil

75 - 125 ml - Water (or as needed)

Crushed Green Chillies (according to taste)

*Whole Wheat Flour sources: Jiwa, Pillsbury, TWF Organic Indie Wheat Flour (with no bleach & preservatives).

*Chickpea Flour (Besan) sources: Tata Sampann, Pro Nature, 24 Mantra Organic Besan.


  1. Chop & wash the methi leaves very well as they have a lot of sand in them. Rinse them thoroughly.

  2. Take a large mixing bowl and add the chopped methi leaves, grated paneer, whole wheat flour, chickpea flour, salt, hing, haldi powder, sesame seeds, achar masala, crushed green chillies & oil to it.

  3. Mix everything well.

  4. Add water little at a time and knead it well to make a soft dough.

  5. Cover this dough with a damp cotton cloth or in an airtight container for ½ an hour.

  6. After ½ an hour make small balls of the dough & roll the balls into very thin theplas with the help of a rolling pin.

  7. Heat a tawa or griddle on the gas. Place the rolled thepla over it. Apply oil & cook it well on both the sides.

  8. Serve the warm thepla with curd, pickle, jaggery or peanut chutney.


  1. There are two secrets to a soft thepla. Don’t cook it for a long time on the tawa and make sure to apply oil properly.

Paneer has immense benefits. It is not only a wonderful source of protein but also helps strengthen bones and teeth. Paneer is great for heart health and even helps maintain blood sugar levels.

These are only approximate values and have only been uploaded here for your convenience in tracking the food you make & eat.

We have not professionally evaluated them.



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