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How it All Began  

"Cooking & baking have always been my passions. I started exploring my interests in healthy cooking when my husband became a fitness and nutrition enthusiast over fifteen years ago. Over the years, I have come to realize that cooking is an art. With the love & support of my family and friends, I have always been encouraged to share my understanding of this art with others. Inventing, teaching and even selling my creations have been part of my journey for several years now. Cooking makes me feel at home, and I hope I am able to impart the same feelings of love, nurture and happiness to you through Nutriangle."

Rupali Karnawat

Founder & CEO of Nutriangle


"Nutriangle is the outcome of a journey of growth, learning, adjusting and blossoming over a period of several years in our kitchen and our home. My mother, our founder, wanted to cater to my father’s fitness aspirations while staying true to our vegetarian lifestyle. It has been fifteen years now and he is a well-known fitness enthusiast lauded for his hard work in the exercise and nutrition fields. He has also been published in health magazines. This power couple has supported each other in furthering their dreams and in my mum’s case, even discovering them through my father."




Sana Karnawat
Daughter & Co-Founder

Our Inspiration

As a family, we have always encouraged her to create, experiment and now share. Our recipes and products are handcrafted with utmost care in accordance with our combined core values of health, taste, presentation and nature. We aspire to bring these from our kitchen to yours, with warm hearts hoping that you savour them just as we do.

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